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The one stop shop for blockchain startups

Ten8 is able to provide services in all areas relevant for a successful initial coin offering and beyond

Legal, Regulatory and Taxes

We know the possible legal implications that come along with different ICO structures and tokenomics models. Let us advise you on how to best avoid any regulatory problems in the future

Token economy

We know that a good token economy model directly ties business success to token holder success. We can help you tweak your mechanics so that both are flourishing together


We offer the best possible security around your ICO. Many projects lacking in that department were target of attacks, compromising millions upon millions in funds

The way a token is used in a product or project makes all the difference in how much functionality, or 'utility' a token has. Ask yourself the question if your project truly requires your token to operate. If the answer is no that means there can certainly be made improvements to the design of the token within the product. Tokens can provide many more benefits than just a unit of value exchange. These benefits not only translate into a better working product with more features, but also in having a higher chance of reaching your cap for the money raised in an ICO or TGE.

Where token utilty has to do with the functionality and role of the token inside a product, Tokenomics deals with the economics of the token itself. Think of all the steps that are taken by different actors on the platform and how each acquires, spends and accumulates tokens. Incentives are what drives the economy inside a product. Things like token cost, supply and demand and staking, the flow of money into and out of the product, amongst other things play a role.

When we optimise token utility and analyse and streamline the token economy your project will be much more valuable to investors, stakeholders and its users. By working together with your team and offering our consulting services you will be creating an awesome product and a succesful TGE.

ERC20 token security begins from contract creation, functions, purpose and auditability. This standard gives a platform for new projects and services to be natively supported. We've seen major disasters such as the DAO withdraw flaw and Parity multi-signature kill button dilemma with wide ranging and large economic effects.

Our team will give a full review of your contract code to ensure compliance, durability and carry out intended consequences automatically. Your team will strengthen consumer's confidence in your ICO or TGE by having an independent contract audit review. The community will thank you later when there are no hiccups or deviations from the presented TGE and/or operations contract code.

Business Consulting

We are scoping the landscape to seek out your competitors, we will find your weak spots just to eliminate them and advise you on your business model to adapt it to a fast changing market

Technical Consulting

We understand that the best business models need the best technology to match these ambitions. We make sure that your smart contracts are as smart as your ideas

Financial Services

Our financial services include market making as well as over the counter trading infrastructure and service

Communication Strategy

Our main goal and expertise is to create your specific communication strategy based on your business model, your ideas and target groups. Ten8 plans and define your brand

Content Creation

We develop your brand stories and new ways of making cryptocurrency technologies visible, tangible and loud

Campaign Execution

Ten8 distributes content through various channels to gain powerful awareness. We spread your word and push content out there

This is why, we use tools like social listening or an sector based empathy mapping to find out, in which direction your brand should go to be recognized. Ten8 develops your specific route of communication and match it with your target group interests, needs and behavior. Including decisions for specific communication channels and their priority, your tonality, CI, brand awareness, specific key performance indicators and the way to reach them. This is your communication setup.

In this new sector we define our creativity as a big undiscovered playground we can conquer with you for the biggest awareness impact. That is why we develop concepts for your communication assets, copies, pictures, gifs, videos, social media formats, websites, events and cooperate material. We align these creative processes with a concrete design development, your communication strategy, communication trends and the needs of your target groups.

You know, to come up with a good idea is the easiest part, the harder part is to use the idea to the fullest. To do so, we develop an editorial calendar for your campaign considering the perfect spending of your media budget on your communication channels to get your potential investors and fans wherever they are, talk, think and get in touch with your special offer. This is what transforms ideas into success.

Community Building and Management

We find the right target groups and talk to them. We answer questions, moderate discussions and connect information with empathy

Networking and PR

We find and accelerate networks to communicate your brand. Strategic communication is your key to be heard


Ten8 puts your technology and your ideas into the right design. By developing your aesthetic identity we build and define your brand

Moderation and Developing your communities is a fulltime job on it’s own. Therefore we build up your own communication team for the most important pre-ICO phase. Using the created content, talking with your developed tonality and guiding your community through your campaign calendar needs alignment of every marketing activity we can help you with.

In combination with your social media activity, this is your most powerful tool to get awareness. We use our successful networks, coordinate your press releases, your ICO tracker listings, your whitepaper distribution and the influencer connection you need to get reputation in this sector. And we manage to avoid contradictions between your more informal communication with your communities and your formal communication with press and networks.

Design is more than using photoshop to make your pictures pretty. Design as we understand it is useful to create a holistic view and feeling of your brand and everything you communicate from a like ad-formats to w like whitepaper appearance. This is what brings your idea to a brand.


Ten8 is a blockchain VC, consultancy and marketing agency. The Ten8 service portfolio encompasses early stage funding, ICO strategy, business strategy consulting, token economy design, whitepaper creation as well as fundraising and the full breadth of digital marketing (brand strategy, communication strategy, content creation, campaign execution, growth hacking, community management). Ten8 is proud to continue working with chosen startups after the fundraising process.

The team is highly experienced in the traditional business sector and the blockchain sector. The team's experience includes:

Ten8 believes in hard work, excellence, over-delivery and relationships. So far, Ten8 has sold out every ICO.

About the name

The whole sector was born with Satoshi's whitepaper. The smallest unit of a Bitcoin is called 1 Satoshi, that's 1/100.000.000 bitcoin, or


Today the sector is expanding rapidly, some projects are collecting hundreds of millions of USD, or

10 8

The name expresses this journey from Satoshi to the world's main stage and revolutionizing the world.

Behrang Khorsandian
Founder and Strategy Leader
Felix Eschment
Founder and Marketing Leader
Maurits Grootveld
Strategy Advisor
Jeff Ward
Technical Advisor
Benjamin Christmann
Strategy Advisor
Tefik Artiisik
Strategic Digital Marketing
Lee Hills
Legal and Taxes
Matthew Halsall
Project Executive
Project Executive
Carl Daley
Project Executive
Creative Director
Felix Masser
Project Executive
John “Trey” Gordon Rawles III
Strategy Advisor


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